It’s time for part 3, which is our list of the best singles and EPs of 2022, within post-punk, punk, hardcore and other DIY genres that are not electronic. This was actually the most straightforward list to put together, because the Neuros single was such a firm favourite this year and overall I think there have been a much bigger focus on albums (vinyl or cassette) this year.

I don’t know why that is, but one possible explanation is that a lot of bands have waited to release music until after the pandemic. So either bands were just sitting on a lot of recorded material, or it might also be the ridiculous shipping prices these days, which make it hard to justify just buying a 7″ – at least for overseas customers.

Top 15 releases

  1. The Neuros – s/t EP (Shipping Steel)
  2. Fuera de sektor – El mundo sigue EP (La vida es un mus)
  3. Snooper – Town Topic EP (Electric Outlet)
  4. Hysteric Polemix – Songs For the Solstice EP (Roachleg)
  5. The Prize – Wrong Side of Town EP (Anti Fade)
  6. Almond Joy – Oh Henry EP (Perennial Death)
  7. Tout Debord – Ça ne veut rien dire EP (Detriti)
  8. Screensaver – Clean Current 7” (Upset the Rhythm)
  9. Krimi – Demo EP (Helta Skelta)
  10. Memorabilia – s/t EP (Unwound)
  11. Phil & the Tiles – s/t EP (Anti Fade)
  12. Ataque Subliminal – Demo EP (Toxic State)
  13. Laura Krieg – Vie magique EP (Detriti)
  14. Gut Health – Electric Party Chrome Girl EP (Marthouse)
  15. Skiftande Enheter  – Öppna Landskap EP (Happiest Place)

Notable reissues

Sunny & the Sunliners – If I Could See You Now 7″ (Big Crown)
The Stonemen – Faded Colors 7″ (Celluloid Lunch)
Honey Bane – You Can Be You EP (Crass)
The Avocados – I Never Knew 7″ (Optic Nerve)

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