Trop Tard


Trop Tard was a trio from France who pioneered what can be called a coldwave sound as early as the mid-80s. Consisting of Fabien Doe, Gevin, Philippe Lixtre and Tristan Fer, they made a string of self-released cassettes that combine the stripped-down drum machine punk of Suicide with bleak post-punk. In a way they’re similar to 39 Clocks, but also a lot darker and more lo-fi. I’m surprised more people haven’t heard about them considering how popular this kind of sound is today.

It’s been almost 10 years since Sacred Bones reissued their second album Photodrame and also put out a very limited box set of three LPs including all of their recording as well as some unreleased demos. The digital version of Photodrame (originally released in 1987) is available for free on their bandcamp.

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