Decades pt. 3

Here’s the last post concerning the current decade, which ends in just over 9 months. This time, let’s have a look at what is actually available on streaming services. It differs a bit from country to country, so it may actually be that a lot of stuff that I couldn’t find from here in Sweden is available in the US – and vice versa. Either way, it’s undeniably the case that small labels have become much better at making their releases available through Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. If only out of necessity. I’m still clinging on to Soundcloud as the best way by far to discover new music, because their algorithms still seem to be based on what people really listening to, without trying to push more well-known artists at you.

So my top ten of the most influential albums singles/EPs of the decade looks something like this. Two bands that have grown steadily in popularity are Oh Sees and King Gizzard. In fact they are both so prolific that any imitators are having a really hard time capitalising on their sound in-between releases. They also tour a lot, which is the most effective way of reaching new listeners these days. I’ve been lucky enough to see both groups live several times and they really are quite unique on today’s psychedelic scene.

We’ve seen a slump in gig attendance in recent years, so we really need these kinds of bands to show other musicians how it’s done. Garage and punk may have lost some of the hype it had back in 2010, but it merely means it has gone back to being more underground again. That implies there are a myriad of great bands out there, you just have to find them. And that’s up to the record labels, since streaming obviously isn’t helping. Have a look at the labels who have released the tracks that are on this playlist and make sure to follow them on social media and soundcloud.

The White Wires – Let’s Go to the Beach
Thee Oh Sees – The Dream
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Head On/Pill
The Frowning Clouds – All Night Long
Missing Monuments – Another Girl
Cosmonauts – Lazerbeam
Bad Sports – Can’t Just Be Friends
The Young Sinclairs – Didn’t You Baby
Triptides – Can’t You See
The Babies – Meet Me in the City

Naturally, I couldn’t keep to a 10-track playlist so I ended up with 125 tracks in all. Reminisce and enjoy. The photo is from Malmö, 2019, a city which is the same as it’s always been. Somewhere on the bottom there’s a mixtape I through out once when I was really angry. Sorry about polluting the ocean.

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