Sad Lovers & Giants


Sad Lovers & Giants formed in a suburb to London in the early 80s, playing a bleak but melodious take on post-punk that had a lot in common with Felt and the goth-tinged releases of 4AD. They were signed to newly established label Midnight Music, which later went on to work with This Mortal Coil, The Wolfhounds and McCarthy just to name a few. I have sadly ignored this group for a long time due to their slightly cringe name, but listening to their first two albums (from 1982-1983) it’s obvious they’ve influenced a lot of the bands I like – including modern groups like Body Maintenance. Epic Garden Music is a classic indeed. The group broke up but returned again in 1987, and are still playing together til this day – releasing a new single only last year.

If you want to hear more music from the Watford scene around 1981, check out this amazing compilation from Dark Entries.

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