80s HITS: Drama


The reissue of Drama’s lone album Loneliness is probably one of the peculiarities in Dark Entries’ catalogue. The group was a duo that came from a background in prog and psych but who started using electronic instruments to create DIY pop. Eric Simpson and Don Stagg formed the band in Ontario in 1978 and quickly started churning out songs on 4-track.

Apparently there was about ‘500 albums’ worth of songs but I find that number to be more of a figurative boast. The LP was pressed privately in 1979 for what they called Psycho Records, and a 7″ EP quickly followed. Almost 40 years later the reissue came out as a double-LP including all those tracks as well as 9 unreleased tracks.

It’s an interesting listen, particularly due to Simpson’s anglified vocals that makes me think of Television Personalities, who adopted a similarly naive worldview. Simpson quickly moved on the the even more camp Glamorcult. This revolving door project released a handful of EPs, but seems to have been equally productive judging by the wealth of posthumous releases.

In 2022 two compilations appeared on streaming platforms – Early Glamor Variations (which includes several tracks also done as Drama) and Look Back to the Eighties (that includes a track from their 1983 7″ Forever Strangers).

All in all there are 8 albums or compilations available, some including new music created under the Glamorcult moniker as well.

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