Felt singles

While we’re working on getting Paul Kelly’s film Lawrence of Belgravia screened in Malmö, here’s an imaginary record sleeve for you. If we do have a srceening I would like this set to be played before and after the film. Despite the effort made with Stains On a Decade, a comprehensive Felt singles collection has yet to be released. Knowing how displeased Lawrence is with some of the recordings, it will probably never happen (he left a track off The Strange Idols Pattern… in the otherwise  faithful Cherry Red reissue series for crissake!)

The design inspired by innovative cover of the original Creation LP Bubblegum Perfume. Innovative, since the back only said “check spine for tracklisting” in enormous type and, of course, the tracklisting was printed on the LP spine. I like the idea of thinking of these songs as one long segment of music rather than individual songs, which is reflected in the design of the gatefold inside (below). All of the 34 songs could technically fit on two discs, which incidentally divide the songs into Cherry Red and Creation releases. The back cover would just be green, naturally.

Another reason I had for creating these is that I recently managed to track down mp3s of the last few songs that I was missing. Many of them have not been reissued yet, like the b-side to “Index” e.g. (I do however see the pointlessness of doing that since they’re basically the same song).

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