Sandwell District

Sandwell District – the UK label and crew founded by Regis (Karl O’Connor) and Female (Peter Sutton) in 2002 – are also well-known for their productions. These were mainly made by O’Connor and David Sumner (whom together make up Portion Reform) but also the recently deceased Juan Mendez.

Here’s what Boomkat said about the recent Sandwell District retrospective on Point of Departure (a subsidiary to PIAS):

“While unplanned as such, Where Next? coincidentally serves as an epitaph to the legacy of Juan Mendez aka Silent Servant, a key member of the SD gang – responsible for its signature graphic design and many of its best tunes – who tragically passed very recently, leaving a lot of devastated comrades and acolytes in his wake.”

It follows the reissue of their final album Feed-Forward last year on the same label. And the remaining members are set to perform at Dekmantel10 this summer. The double 12″ gathers 12 tracks from the years 2006 through 2011 and came out a week ago.

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