The Victims

The Victims was a legendary Perth punk band who were active in 1977-79 and then again from 2017. During their original stint they put out two 45s themselves, the first one being the classic “Television Addict” in 1978. These seven tracks remained the sum total of their output until American label In the Red took mercy on them. While releasing a bunch of new recordings called the Horror Smash EP in 2019, they also unearthed a bunch of old tracks to put together a selftitled compilation LP. This one includes another 9 unreleased tracks, for a total of 17 pieces of punk history.

Those other tracks weren’t demos, they were amazing tracks – like “Girls Don’t Go For Punks”. During last summer new recordings of that song as well as “Victim” were released as a 7″ by In the Red. A limited amount were sold during a reunion gig in Perth in June, but you can also hear it on streaming services, or buy it directly from the label.

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