Best of 2023 so far

We’ve passed the halfway-point of 2023 so here’s a short list of our favourites so far – several have been featured as ‘album of the month’ on our socials. Just 10 releases in each category, in no particular order.


Troth – Forget the Curse (Mammas mysteriska jukebox)
Optic Nerve – Angel Numbers (Urge)
Cardopusher – Immaculate Poison (Evar)
Display Homes – What If You’re Right…  (Erste Theke)
The Drin – Today My Friend You… (Drunken Sailor)
Eternal Dust – Spiritual Healers… (LSD Club)
Die Letzten Ecken – Talisman (Static Age)
Sweeping Promises – Good Living Is Coming For You (Feel It)
Body Maintenance – Beside You (Drunken Sailor)
Bergsonist – s/t (N/A)


V/A – Farewell Notes (Under My Feet)
V/A – Prison Skills 01 (Prison Skills)
V/A – Shadow Terminal (Syntetyk)
V/A – Take a Chance (No Borders)
V/A – Synthetic Pleasures II (Synthetic Pleasures)
V/A – Yet (Tresor)
V/A – LI$034 (Low Income $quad)
V/A – Steel Genesis (Magdalena’s Apathy)
V/A – Afterlife (Elysium)
V/A – Dys Functional Electronic Music X (Repitch)


Céilí & MarcelDune – In Tandem EP (Voigt-Kampff)
Safety Trance & DJ Loser – Nexus Sin EP (Magdalena’s Apathy)
Isabella Koen – Tip EP (N/A)
Plague Pits – The Light EP (Transnecropolitan)
Andi & Machino – Parafernales EP (Mannequin)
DJ Valentimes – Heave EP (Puppy)
Matriark – Nordic Wound EP (Magdalena’s Apathy)
Spiderwrap – Vex EP (Puppy)
Advoids – Advoids EP (Urge)
Astral Bandit & Claire’s Accessories – Astral Accessories EP (Underzone)

Alright, let’s have some reissues that are mandatory as well:

The Shapiros – Gone By Fall (World of Echo)
Primal Scream – Reverberations (Young Tiki)
Chin Chin – Cry In Vain (Sealed)
Alternative – If They Treat You Like Shit… (Sealed)
The Particles – 1980s Bubblegum (Chapter)
Dolly Mixture – Remember This (Sealed)

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