Influenza Prods.


Thank god for Melbourne reissue label Left Ear. This time they’ve dived into the European tape trading and mail art scene of the 80s and found the Italian duo Influenza Prods., who originally met in London. Bruno De Angelis and Giovanna Gulinello had both relocated there in the late 70s and when they eventually found themselves back in Rome – they started making tapes together. Instead of using a four-track, they would record one tape onto another while adding more tracks of music.

Between 1980 and 1985 they had recorded and released (themselves of course) three cassettes. The first one, Greatest Tits, featured music recorded over the course of three years. Back in April, Left Ear compiled tracks from their entire output and released it as an LP called Mémoire. These 13 tracks are a true testament to the duo’s ingenuity and experimentalism.

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