Kashual Plastik comp

Kashual Plastik is a Berlin label that has been around for a few years now, working with obscure avantgarde artists such as Group A. They’ve also released quite a few compilations – the last one two years ago – and in July of this year a massive double-LP compilation called Labyrinth of Memories came out. Among the the 31 tracks you will find artists that have collaborated with the label previously, such as Brannten Schnüre and Maxine Funke. But also a bunch of other familiar names from around the world, like Bobby Would (Australia), Cucina Povera (Scotland), Pumice (New Zealand), Monokultur and Loopsel (Sweden), Jonnine (of HTRK) and Berlin’s ‘witchtronic’ producer Laure Boer (France).

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