The Mabinogion

Wednesday this week Krister did another dj set at Plan B, this time as one half of the Mabinogion that consists of Blodeuwedd and Nimue. The set consisted of punk, hardcore, darkwave and industrial electronics. This was one of the most fun sets I’ve played in a while, so I wanted to share the setlist with you.

Rapid Dye – Cowboy
Ty Segall Band – Paranoid
Hysterics – My Flash On You
Limp Wrist – Fake Fags
Exotica – The Ties That Bind
The Bleak Engineers – Unconscious
Гласность – Caprithy
Generacion Suicida – Ilusion
Rolltreppe – Mischmaschine
Sweeping Promises – Out Again
Black Time – I Hate the World and the World Hates Me
Screaming Sneakers – I Can’t Help It
Romero – Honey
Woven Bones – I’ve Gotta Get
The Spits – Black Kar
Control Top – Betrayed
Maraudeur – Trash
Psience – Semplica Girls
MOTH – Jealousy
Total Rejects – I Hate
Fake Fun – Love Song
Hysterics – Please Sir
Concrete Lawn – Get Me Out
Spread Joy – Music for the Body
Occult Chemistry – Fire
Twisted Nerve – When I’m Alone
Body Maintenance – Sheets
Sympathy Nervous – Polaroid
Cardinal & Nun – Hear My Voice
Delta 5 – Mind Your Own Business
In Aeternam Vale – Je ne sais rien
Black Dahlia – Killing For Company
Kris Baha – Into the Dark
Meshes – Бессмыслица (feat. Lera Foer)
Notausgang – Here In the Void
Destroy – XXL
Damaged Clock – Poderes
Extinction Event – BFRS
Anna Funk Damage – I Come From Fire
Anti-Yo – Acatar a Rajatabla 
Baroque – Laisse (feat. Philosophique Girl)
Nastia Y – Robot Meaheret
Moment of Terror – Paradise Lost

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