Useless Eaters dj set

So the past week we’ve had the rest of Jacob’s band Useless Eaters in Sweden. Apart from just hanging out (like at the Karlskrona Marine Museum above) we had a DJ night last week at Plan B. It was the first Record Turnover dj set in a year and we were pleased to have Seth (vocalist and guitarist) joining us behind the decks. He played a couple of tracks from new projects he’s involved with, which sounded great. Unfortunately I don’t have his setlist, but here’s some of what I played that night.

Neo Boys – Give Me the Message
Shivvers – Teen Line
The Singles – Thats Just Someone That I Knew
The Fall – It’s the New Thing!
Delta 5 – Try
Christmas Island – 29
New Order – Sunrise
Audacity – Subway Girl
Dame Area – Conflictos
EYE – Acqua Vera
Breastmilk – Expiate
Club Music – Musclebound
The Serfs – Dissection
Bleak Engineers – The Illusion
Dolly Mixture – How Come You’re Such a Hit With the Boys, Jane
Death Valley – Wavelengths 
Josef K – Sorry For Laughing
Kleenex – You
Cold Cold Hearts – Broken Teeth
Coldreams – Eyes
Filmmaker – Eons of Reign
Sexual Harrassment – I Need a Freak
In Aeternum Vale – Money

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