So the past week we’ve had the rest of Jacob’s band Useless Eaters in Sweden. Apart from just hanging out (like at the Karlskrona Marine Museum above) we had a DJ night last week at Plan B. It was the first Record Turnover dj set in a year and we were pleased to have Seth (vocalist and guitarist) joining us behind the decks. He played a couple of tracks from new projects he’s involved with, which sounded great. Unfortunately I don’t have his setlist, but here’s some of what I played that night.

Neo Boys – Give Me the Message
Shivvers – Teen Line
The Singles – Thats Just Someone That I Knew
The Fall – It’s the New Thing!
Delta 5 – Try
Christmas Island – 29
New Order – Sunrise
Audacity – Subway Girl
Dame Area – Conflictos
EYE – Acqua Vera
Breastmilk – Expiate
Club Music – Musclebound
The Serfs – Dissection
Bleak Engineers – The Illusion
Dolly Mixture – How Come You’re Such a Hit With the Boys, Jane
Death Valley – Wavelengths 
Josef K – Sorry For Laughing
Kleenex – You
Cold Cold Hearts – Broken Teeth
Coldreams – Eyes
Filmmaker – Eons of Reign
Sexual Harrassment – I Need a Freak
In Aeternum Vale – Money

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