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New style icon at Record Turnover: Graham Gouldman, Mockingbird and songwriter extraordinaire (The Yardbirds and The Hollies are only two of the bands he provided with material). Below is my playlist from the mod themed Friday Casual night last week. A fairly wide interpretation of it, but as it was said on Friday, that Saturday’s Children single sounds so much like The Hollies! For an overview of the original, soul side of mod, check out DJ and soul fan Randy Cozens’ Mod Top 100. Not surprisingly, someone made it into a 4-part download several years ago, and it’s still around.

Tony’s Defenders – Waiting For a Call From You
The Untamed – My Baby Is Gone
Beryl Marsden – Let’s Go Somewhere
Shotgun Express – Curtains
Levi Jackson – This Beautiful Day
The First Gear – The ‘In’ Crowd
The Koobas – You Better Make Up Your Mind
Duffy Power – If I Get Lucky Some Day
Toni McCann – If You Don’t Come Back
Jimmy Winston & His Reflections – It’s Not What You Do
The Mockingbirds – You Stole My Love
James Mean – Seeing Her
The Amboy Dukes – You Better Find Yourself Someone
Steve Howe – So Bad
Les Fleur De Lys – So Come On
The Action – Going to a Go Go
Kim D. – Come On Baby
The Dennisons – You Don’t Know What Love Is
Saturday’s Children – You Don’t Know Better
The Richard Kent Style – All Good Things
WO-W – Love Is Gone
John Andrews – It’s Just Love


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