Curt Boettcher & Friends

Seeing as I’m a huge fan of The Millennium and everything else Curt Boettcher has touched, I feel compelled to tell you about this compilation put together in 2019 by Steve Stanley of Now Sounds, for High Moon Records. This is the first compilation of Boettcher productions on vinyl, after the fan-made Complete Singles Collection from a few years ago. This compilation focused on some of the lesser known singles he worked on, as well as classics such as Summer’s Children and The Bootiques. Among the highlights is an unreleased tune by Cindy Malone, both sides of a Sandy Salisbury (ex-Millennium) single credited to just Sandy, Eddie Hodges expected rendition of “Shadows & Reflexions” (he was friends with songwriter Tandyn Almer), and some tracks from Gordon Alexander’s sole LP.

Get the record on bandcamp.

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