Stereolab have announced the release of an upcoming fifth instalment in their series of non-album singles and oddities Switched On. Pulse of the Early Brain is out on Warp and Duophonic in September as a triple LP or double CD with a total of 21 tracks. The group have just shared “Robot Riot,” which they written for a sculpture made by the band’s collaborator Charles Long. They worked with Long on Music For the Amorphous Body Study Center back in 1995.

Since the past volumes have each focused on a specific period of their career, and they’ve already worked through that, this 5th volume is like an outake from the outakes. None of these tracks were included on the previous Switched On sets, like their Wurlitzer Jukebox flexi “Yes Sir! I Can Moogie” from 1995. That was a split with Cat’s Miaow, and there are plenty of other goodies in there too.

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