A tribute to Ooga Booga

We just heard that Ooga Booga will be closing their second and original store in Los Angeles after the summer. 356 Mission and its second Ooga Booga outlet closed down a year ago. The book/art/music store has been an important part of the LA underground scene for 15 years and will be sorely missed. Here’s a song by owner Wendy Yao’s friends in the short-lived Crazy Band, who were arguable even better than Mika Miko. Both of their releases are available for free on bandcamp. “The Law Is a Crime” was recorded live at The Smell, one of few places that have remained alive despite repeated threats to their existence. The laws are fucked if you can’t run a non-profit DIY space in a huge city like Los Angeles. Support Ooga Booga by buying something from their web shop, which will remain online.

The photo is from a few days ago when instagram robot Miquela “visited” the store (@lilmiquela).

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