Part O of the 25 x 25 series of mixes. Some tracks from the old trusty hard drives by bands and artists beginning on O. This time it’s a consistent mix of 60s and early 70s psychedelic, garage, soul and a bit of tropicalia. Well, technically bands starting with ‘Os’ should be treated the same as ‘The’, but whatever. It adds a bit of Brazilian flavour here. It includes some of my favourite songs from the likes of The Other Four, Oscar & the Majestics and Othello Robertson.


  1. Orphan Egg – Falling
  2. The Other Half – Flight of the Dragon Lady
  3. Os Inseparáveis – Vá Para Casa 
  4. The Olympians – Hopeless Endless Way
  5. Odyssey – Churchyard 
  6. Otis Clay – I Don’t Know What to Do
  7. The Odds & Ends – ‘Cause You Don’t Love Me 
  8. The Off-Set – Xanthia (Lisa)
  9. One of Hours – Psychedelic Illusion
  10. October Country – End of the Line 
  11. Olivia Byington – Brilho da Noite 
  12. Os Brazões – Tão Longe De Mim 
  13. Orquesta Mario Selles – L.S.D 
  14. Othello Robertson – So In Luv 
  15. The Oracle – Don’t Say No 
  16. OPMC – Firechild 
  17. Os Brasas – Não Vá Me Deixar 
  18. Oscar & the Majestics – Got to Have Your Lovin’ 
  19. The Omens – Searching 
  20. The Open Mind – Magic Potion
  21. The Outsiders – Won’t You Listen
  22. The Outcasts – You’d Be Surprised 
  23. The Other Four – Once and For All Girl 
  24. Ohio Express – Stop Take a Look Around 
  25. The Other Side – Walking Down the Road

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