80s HITS: Twelve Cubic Feet


Exhibit A was the name of a post-punk group from the London area formed at the end of the 70s. Three of the members – Matthew, Paul and Andrew – went on to form Twelve Cubic Feet together with three other musicians.

The group released a couple of tapes and a 10” in 1982 on Namedrop Records – a label that Paul had co-founded. The 7 tracks on the EP form an amazing set of jangly post-punk with female vocals, for fans of bands like Pylon, The Room and Dolly Mixture. The record has remained obscure until La vida es un mus reissued it through Sealed back in March.

It’s crazy that no one has done it before considering Matthew later joined fellow ex-Exibit A member Dan Goldstein in Solid Space – who’ve gained a cult following after the Dark Entries reissue.

There was actually a 1983 line-up of the group as well, which included members of Biff Bang Pow, The Loft and recorded a demo with Joe Foster. You’d think there’d be a Creation Records release, but the band fizzled out.

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