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And here’s the second part of my 2012 mix, featuring the top 25 tracks I’ve heard for the first time this year. The only new song to make it on here is of course Pop Singles’ brilliant “All Gone” from the album with the same title. I’ve never actually heard The Troggs’ “Our Love Will Still Be There” until this year, although I’m well familiar with the cover done by The Bristols. Liam Watson is great at recreating 60s originals but in this case he couldn’t quite match the splendour of their fuzz-laced ballad. The exceptional cut by The Montanas has surprisingly gone unreleased until its inclusion on Rare Mod Vol. 3 (Acid Jazz, 2011) as the opening track. British outfit New York Public Library, at #2 here, have been comped on Ballroom Beat Vol. 2 and English Freakbeat Vol. 5. The top track is from what sounds like a teen garage group, and what gets me everytime is how the poorly recorded guitar manages to sound more menacing with every play. The Galabooches (or GalaBooChes as it says on the label scan I’ve found) were from Indiana and there are no auctions of their Staff 45 listed on Popsike. “It’ll Never Work Out” was comped on Garage Punk Unknowns #4. Check my previous post for #26-50, and hang in there for the top 15 lists of this years albums and singles.


25 Dana Gillespie – When Darkness Fell
24 The Troggs – Our Love Will Still Be There
23 The Avengers – Crying All Alone
22 Al McCarther – His True Love For You
21 The Satin Bells – Come C’mon
20 Rhonda Davis – Can You Remember
19 Pop Singles – All Gone
18 Gary Valentine – You (Wanted Me to Hang Around You)
17 Lewis Clark – I Need Your Lovin’ So Bad
16 The Pete Best Combo – I Can’t Do Without You Now
15 The Go – Tomorrow Night
14 The Innocents – One Way Love
13 The Roosters – She Sends Me
12 The Yo Yo’s – Gotta Find a New Love
11 Sunset Love – Reach Out
10 The New Order – Why Can’t I?
09 The Reasons Why – Tell Her One More Time
08 Velvet Seed – Sharon Patterson
07 The Rose Garden – Long Time
06 The Initial Shock – You’ve Been a Long Time Coming
05 The Sweets – Satisfy Me Baby
04 The Montanas – Open the Door
03 Betty Lloyd – I’m Catching On
02 New York Public Library – Got to Get Away
01 The Galaboochees – It’ll Never Work Out

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