The Cannons

The Cannons (Madison, Wisconsin)

Sweet Georgia Brown b/w Lonesome Fan, Jr. 5504, 1966
Day to Day b/w “Love”, Little Girl Night Owl 1312, 1967

The Cannons used to be a big draw locally, and they were known for their faithful cover renditions. To me they’re immortalized for their two originals released on Cuca Records subsidiary Night Owl. “Day to Day” or “Days Go By” as it’s called on compilations (Highs In the Mid-Sixties, Wyld Sydes) is a Beatlesque jangler that opens the 10th Record Turnover podcast, which also features many other moody garage and folk-rock numbers. “A local club owner where we played regularly produced a recording of an album’s worth of cover tunes. It was never released” says Cannons alumni Peter Loeb in an interview on 60sGarageBands. I’d love to hear this one day, judging by the quality of the sides you download from there. Apart from the two singles, there’s also an unreleased fuzz rocker called “No Repetiton” which you can hear below.

The Cannons – No Repetition

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