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Using my days off this week productively, I’ve put together the next podcast, featuring all new music. I’ve noted which labels the records are on to better facilitate purchasing anything that might catch your fancy. But all the songs are from records that have already been mentioned here, will be mentioned, or at least ought to be mentioned on the blog! Here are some words about Outer Minds and Ketamines, and here Les BOF!. The Radar Eyes LP sort of slipped through my fingers and I only heard it today actually, although it’s been incredibly anticipated the last few months. It shows more of a shoegaze affection than the brilliant “Miracle” single implied, but it’s still really great. Featured on the cover here are Dutch beatmen De Keefmen who return with the companion 7″ to last year’s Hey Girl! release. This one is actually better and suggests the group should be as big in Holland as The Madd. Also on Hey Girl! but not announced on their website yet, is The Felines’ amazing debut 45 which I’ll write more about as soon as it’s actually released. For now, make do with the video for “Daddy Walk”. They’re playing in Malmö on Easter Sunday together with Thee Gravemen (and David Peter of the now defunct Wilde Sect DJing), so don’t miss out. I know the Royal Headache album is from last year, but I had to put “Down the Lane” on here in a feeble attempt to get it out of my head.


Paul Messis & Jessica Winter – As Nightmares Turn to Dreams State 7″
Outer Minds – Conversation Southpaw LP
De Keefmen – Wrong Kinda Place Kuriosa 7″
The Resonars – Long Long Thoughts Trouble In Mind 7″
Roommates – Kelly I’m Not a Creep Slumberland 7″
The Wrong Words – I Will Change Your Mind Trouble In Mind 7″
Royal Headache – Down the Lane R.I.P. Society LP
Estrogen Highs – Subtle Girl Southpaw 7″
Terry Malts – No Good For You Slumberland LP
Strawberry Whiplash – Everybody’s Texting Matinée CD
La Sera – Real Boy Hardly Art LP
The Monochrome Set – Waiting For Alberto Disquo Bleu CD
Les BOF! – Femme Impossible Copase Disques LP
Les Guillotines – L’Absinthe Croque Macadam 7″
The Felines – Daddy Walk Hey Girl! 7″
Pamela – I’m a Nobody Southpaw 7″
Colleen Green – Nice Boy (I Want a) Hardly Art 12″
Hollows – Strange Effect Trouble In Mind 7″
TacocaT – Volcano Hardly Art 7″
French Kissing – Wild Woman Croque Macadam 7″
Ketamines – Evil Intentions Southpaw LP
Radar Eyes – In Love HoZac LP

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