Upcoming DJ sets

Some dates during the coming month

11.18 supporting RVG at Plan B, Malmö
11.25 supporting Civic + J.J. & the A’s at Loppen, Copenhagen
12.01 b2b set as DJ Dummedag at Grand, Malmö

RVG released their third album earlier this year and it’s real good. We wrote about the latest Civic album here.

Track IDs Nov 18th

The Flaming Hands – It’s Just That I Miss You (Phantom)
The Widdershins – Now You Know (Waterfront)
The Ups & Downs – In the Shadows (Waterfront)
The Cannanes – Another Fight (Ajax)
The Summer Suns – Honey Pearl (Easter)
Aztec Camera – Just Like Gold (Postcard)
The Hummingbirds – Be Careful (Phantom)
Sweet William – Lovely Norman (Matinée)
The Bats – North By North (Flying Nun)
Snapper – Hang On (Flying Nun)
The Stroppies – Production Lines (Tough Love)
The UV Race – Inner North (In the Red)
Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Sometimes (Aarght)
Romero – Neapolitan (Cool Death)
The Passengers – Face With No Name (Phantom)
The Lighthouse Keepers – A Time of Evil (Hot)
Felt – Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow 12” (Cherry Red)
The Whippersnappers – You Never Look (Green Fez)
Echo & the Bunnymen – Silver (WEA)
The Go-Betweens – It Could Be Anyone (Rough Trade)
Even As We Speak – Anybody Anyway (Phantom)
The Tender Engines  – A Legend Never Fails (Summershine)
Jesse Garon & the Desperadoes – You’ll Never Be That Young Again (Velocity)
Primal Scream – Subterranean (Young Tiki)
The Rainyard – That’s Her Life (Summershine)
The Springfields – Tomorrow Ends Today (Sarah)
Cocteau Twins – Blind Dumb Deaf (4AD)
The Orange – What’s In a Name (Flying Nun)
Orion – Church Bells (Cool Death)
Blank Realm – Palace of Love (Bedroom Suck)

Track IDs Nov 25th

Primo – Ticking Off a List (Upset the Rhythm)
Grass Widow – Lulu’s Lips (Captured Tracks)
Terrible Truths – Don Juan (Small Town City Living)
G2G – You Don’t Say Shit Right (N/A)
The Drin – Venom (Drunken Sailor)
The Frowning Clouds – Beetle Bird (Goodbye Boozy)
The Masters Apprentices – Wars Or Hands of Time (Ugly Pop)
Constant Mongrel – Experts In Skin (Upset the Rhythm)
Eastlink – Angel Gun (In the Red)
The UV Race – Girl In My Head (In the Red)
Total Control – Systematic Fuck (Iron Lung)
The Passengers – Girlfriend’s Boyfriend (Phantom)
Screaming Sneakers – I Can’t Help It (Revoltation)
The Nerves – When You Find Out (Splattered)
Body Maintenance – Time Enough (Drunken Sailor)
Straight Arrows – Can’t Count (Anti Fade)
Rabid Dogs – No Fun (Aarght)
Indre Krig – Destroyer (Beach Impediment)
Leather Lickers – Cheap Paint (Cool Death)
Rapid Dye – Nurture Or Destroy (Paradise Daily)
Exotica – Desesperacion (La vida es un mus)
Vidro – Stockholm ekar (Kink)
Prison Affair – Bedtime (Erste Theke)
Rik & the Pigs – Blue Jean Queen (Feel It)
Power – Road Dog (Cool Death)
Useless Eaters – Expensive Taste (Anti Fade)
Black Time – Problems (In the Red)
Display Homes – Aufrutschen (Erste Theke)
Die Letzten Ecken – Talisman (Static Age)
Double Job – Befugnisse (Reprise) (Mangel)
Bend Sinister – Better Now (Homeless)

Track IDs Dec 1st

Treasury of Puppies – Mitt stora nu
Cindy – Maybe Because It’s Over Now
Troth – Blood In My Hair
Eternal Dust – Candy
Gift Exchange – Archangel
Left For Pleasure – Frontal
Austra – Spellwork
Mary Jane Dunphe – Always Gonna Be the Same
System Olympia – Erotic Line
Savage Grounds – All the Tears You Shed
Yeule – Dazies
Gauci – Brat
Riki – Böse Lügen
Desire – Black Latex
W.A.T. – Famous
Princess Demeny – New York Grief ’86
Abyss X – This Strange Asylum
The Serfs – This Chorea
Puerta Negra – Caída al Mal
Recht auf Rausch – Küss mich
La Stele Des Pleurs – Les remords
Discovery Zone – Remote Control
Loveshadow – Another Dream
Sofía Reyes – Pregunta Loca
Cowgirl Clue – $somethin’s in the Air
Gauci – Irritating
Molly Nilsson – Money Never Dreams
Rebel Yell feat Exhibitionist – With You
CHBB – Go Go Go !
Public Practice – Leave Me Alone
Charlie – Cold Inside
Poetas Sónicos– Har
Miss Zagato – Cigarettes
Patriarchy – Grind Your Bones
100 Gecs – Dumbest Girl Alive
DeathbyRomy – Saint
VTSS – Steady Pace (w Boys Noize)
Gestalt – Mndfck
Dame Area – Conflictos

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