Best of 2021 so far Pt 3

Ok, even harder is the task to just begin sifting through all the great EPs and singles from the first half of 2021. Black Dahlia from Sydney for example, has released two equally great EPs, the other one on Colombian label Body Musick.

  1. DJ Valentimes – Imminent Decay (Chicago Research)
  2. Body Maintenance – s/t (Unwound)
  3. Teatre – Vociferate (Lux)
  4. The Serfs – Angelic Ritualistic Cruelty (Market Square)
  5. PC World – Order (She Lost Control)
  6. Chloe Lula – Errant Bodies (aufnahme+wiedergabe)
  7. DJ Beverly Hill$ – 2 Problems (Puppy)
  8. E.L.I. – Misery Inc. (Tripalium)
  9. Black Dahlia – Animasochist (X-IMG)
  10. Meshes – Euphoria (Tutamen)

Almost making the cut were Brigitte G. and Musgo both on Chicago Research, Faerybabyy’s self-released singles, June, Damaged Clock, Cassie Raptor, Filmmaker, Poladroïd, Luz1e, PRZ, Any Act, Collate, MK8ULTRA, Less Instructions, Kidä and Klapper. If you dig through our archives you’ll find texts about all of these.

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