Luli Lucinha e O Bando

Luli Lucinha e O Bando was a Brazilian group who released only one record, the Flor Lilás EP in 1972. Luli (Heloisa Orosco Borges da Fonseca) and Lucinha (Lucia Helena Carvalho e Silva) were songwriting partners and composed music for many successful Brazilian artists, including Wanderléa. Luli had already recorded a solo bossanova album in 1965, at the age of 20. Many years later they returned as the duo Luli & Lucinha with a 1978 debut album, which was more folky. But their psychedelic Flor Lilás single has become incredibly collectible over the years, with both the title-track and “Dourado Da Manhã” being funky masterpieces. Mr Bongo included one of their tracks on Brazilian Beats 8 in 2017, but have just created a reissue of the 1972 EP, originally released on Som Livre.

Luli & Luchina continued making music together until 1998 and a few years ago, a documentary about them called Yorimatã was released.

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