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I still love flexidiscs. Since they’re all collecting dust in my bookshelf cause I have them recorded to my computer anyway, I thought I’d play through my favourite ones, and record it as a podcast at the same time. Some of these songs have been released on cd later, like The Sea Urchins, The Visitors, The Stupid Cupids (early Velvet Crush), St. Christopher, The McTells and Razorcuts – with much better sound quality. There have been and are plans to reissue some, and some will most likely never be heard again. You’ll probably find all of these and lots of even more obscure ones over at the I Wish I Was a Flexidisc blog, which is still up. Full tracklist below.

The Sea Urchins – Summershine (Sha La La)
The Stupid Cupids – Big Blue Bus (Bus Stop)
The Mayfields – All You Ever Say (Compact & Bijou)
The Magpies – I Want a Love I Can See (Slumberland)
Fat Tulips – What Do You Do (Heaven)
The Melons – Fire Engine Girl (Heaven)
They Go Boom!! – I Wish You Were Someone Else (Dolphin 7)
Love Parade – Wounded (Dolphin 7)
St. Christopher – Remember Me to You (Veston33)
Remember Fun – Hey Hey Hate (Sha La La)
The Visitors – Goldmining (Sha La La)
The Popguns – Where Do You Go? (La-di-da)
Jane Pow – Get By (Target)
Snowbirds – Ever and Always (Watercolour)
The McTells – Sometimes (Bi-Joopiter)
The Poppyheads – Changes Yesterday (Sha La La)
Razorcuts – Sad Kaleidoscope (Sha La La)
The Clouds – Jenny Nowhere (Sha La La)
The Chesterf!elds – Nose Out of Joint (The Legend!/Subway Org/Golden Pathway)
Reserve – The Sun Slid Down Behind the Tower (Sha La La)
Honeybunch – Nothing But Trouble (Milky Way)
The Sea Urchins – Cling Film (Kvatch)

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