Dolly Mixture


Dolly Mixture was an enigmatic trio from London led by Debsey Wykes (later in Coming Up Roses, Saint Etienne and Birdie). Their early beginnings in the 70s were informed by the DIY spirit of punk, as heard on “Dead Rainbow”. Paul Weller later tried to style them as a mod revival group for his Respond label. But the group’s lasting legacy is their 1983 self-released double-LP Demonstration Tapes, which compiled demos of varying quality in more or less chronological order. Hugely influential for indie bands of the late 80s and 90s, the album has always been impossible to find. Even the 2010 reissue on Germs of Youth (which was also pressed in just 300 copies) is now also a collectible. Last month the group therefore reissued it themselves in a larger pressing.

Get your copy directly from the band.

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