We wrote about Japanese artist Phew (real name Hiromi Moritani) a couple of years ago when she appeared on Disciples. But the first Phew album actually came out in 1981 and was created together with members of Can. Even before that Phew was the vocalist of the Japanese punk band Aunt Sally, whose lone album came out on Vanity Productions. In fact it was the third release on the Kyoto label, founded by rock journalist Yuzuru Agi in 1978.

Their self-titled LP was finally remastered and reissued by New York specialists in Japanese music Mesh-Key at the beginning of this year. 2022 has seen many vital musical treasures unearthed, but this one might just take the price. The classic “Subete Urimono” is right up there with DNA, Teenage Jesus & the Jerks or Neo Boys. The limited edition (now sold out) came with an extra 7″ featuring two live recordings.


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