Next month Captured Tracks’ compilation Strum & Thrum: The American Jangle Underground 1983​-​1987 is released unto the world. It’s no secret that Record Turnover are also fans of guitars that jangle, and especially so from the 1985-1989 period. I made a couple of mixes focusing on bands from the middle ground between 60s revival, mod, indie and college rock. What they have in common is a love of 12-string guitars, The Byrds and big melodies. The second part includes bands from the US and Australia (well The Bats from New Zealand made it in there too), obviously dipping into the 80s Perth scene of but avoiding the Bay Area paisley underground or the more obvious proponents. The order is chronological. Make sure you check out the brand new LP from The Apartments too.


1 The Apartments – Help
2 The Pop – Love Is Still Ours
3 The Church – Autumn Soon
4 The Mystery Machine – She’s Not Mine
5 The Pandoras – It’s About Time
6 The Chesterfield Kings – I Don’t Know Why
7 The Someloves – It’s My Time
8 The Summer Suns –  Brighter Than the Sun
9 The Bam Balams – No-One Else
10 The Odolites – Chimes
11 The Bats – Boogey Man
12 Widdershins – Now You Know
13 The Reasons Why – Undecided
14 Cannon Heath Down – Julia Rainbow
15 The Hummingbirds – Tuesday
16 The Rainyard – Beyond the Pale
17 The Royal Nonesuch – Why Should I Care?
18 Bomb Pops – Hayley
19 The Orange Peels – Everybody’s Gone (demo)
20 The Autumn Leaves – The Summer’s Gone

Photo of The Mystery Machine via @opulentconceptions

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