80s HITS: Pink Section


Pink Section was a San Francisco group that met while attending SF Art Institute at the end of the 70s. They were inspired by Dadaist art and none of them were trained musicians. That made the music they created together all the most exciting, debuting at the legendary Deaf Club in 1979. That same year they put out a self-released 45 called “Tour of China”.

They got their name from the San Francisco Chronicle’s pink arts and entertainment supplement and consisted of Judy Gittelsohn and Carol Detweiler (both in Inflatable Boy Clams as well), Matt Heckert (Survival Research Laboratories) and Stephen Wymore. The following year a 12” came out the Seattle label Modern Records (who also released a single from the amazing Canadian all-female punk group The Dishrags).

“Midsummer In New York is a cover of a Yoko Ono track. In 2015 Superior Viaduct put out a retrospective LP collecting the band’s 1979 single, the self-titled EP, unreleased demos as well as live material.

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