Next month Captured Tracks’ compilation Strum & Thrum: The American Jangle Underground 1983​-​1987 is released unto the world. It’s no secret that Record Turnover are also fans of guitars that jangle, and especially so from the 1985-1989 period. I made a couple of mixes focusing on bands from the middle ground between 60s revival, mod, indie and college rock. What they have in common is a love of 12-string guitars, The Byrds and big melodies. The first part includes bands from the UK and other parts of Europe, obviously dipping into the Creation pool of artists but avoiding The Sound of Young Scotland or the more obvious proponents. The order is chronological.


1 The Moderns – Tell Me Where the Action Is
2 Direct Hits – Back to the Sixties
3 The Room – A Shirt of Fire
4 Hurrah! – Who’d’ve Thought
5 Hearts On Fire – You May Not Know
6 Revolving Paint Dream – In the Afternoon
7 The Paint Set – Delaware Rain
8 Primal Scream – Subterranean (session)
9 Los Negativos – Viaje Al Norte
10 Shack – Someone’s Knocking
11 Hangman’s Beautiful Daughters – Love Is Blue
12 The Reaction – Make Up Your Mind
13 1000 Violins – The Tragic Tale of Daniel
14 Apple Boutique – Love Resistance
15 Television Personalities – The Dream Inspires
16 The Wylde Mammoths – You Gotta Go
17 The Nuthins – Girl Has Gone
18 The Others – Call My Name
19 The Mystreated – Universal Energy
20 The Thanes – World of Stone

Photo of The Mystreated from @mrjameslewis on flickr

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