Part P of the 25 x 25 series of mixes. Some tracks from the old trusty hard drives by bands and artists beginning on P. It includes some of my favourite songs from the likes of Australian legends The Passengers and Teenage Fanclub offshoot band Primary 5.

One-time Beatles member Peter Best with his heartbreaking “I Can’t Do Without You Know”. Paul Martin with a track from his second out of only two 45s, a private press on Rodin, and also included on Distorsions now legendary retrospective from 1996 that yielded the DJ favourite “It Happened”. The Persons is my favourite Greek band of the 60s. And of course some lost indie classics from the 2010s and bands like Pigeons, P.S. Eliot and Palms.

Palms was a great Glasgow trio featuring Sinead Young of noise outfit Divorce, Heather and Julia. They released one 45 and appeared on a split-EP on the great Glasgow label Milk, who also worked with Divorce, Total Leatherette and many other brilliant artists. “I Want Your Blood” is a live recording of one of their unreleased songs. Sinead currently plays in Lower Slaughter.


  1. The Passengers – Face With No Name (1980)
  2. Patti Drew – Stop and Listen (1967)
  3. The Postmarks – Summers Never Seem to Last (2007)
  4. The Primary 5 – What Am I Supposed to Do (2005)
  5. Pigeons – Wrong Man (2010)
  6. Plateaus – Jasmine (2012)
  7. The Peanut Butter Conspiracy – You Should Know (1967)
  8. The Plastic Cloud – Shadows of Your Mind (1968)
  9. Pinkerton’s Colours – It Ain’t Right (1966)
  10. Pinballs – Allt Du Gör (1981)
  11. Pencil Tin – Be With You (1996)
  12. Peter Best – I Can’t Do Without You Now (1965)
  13. The Particles – Dresses and Shoes (1984)
  14. The Parties – Damned By the Sunshine (2008)
  15. Pastel Vespa – I Was Made For Loving You (2002)
  16. The Petticoats – Allergy (1980)
  17. The Penthouse 5 – You’re Always Around (1966)
  18. Peggy Lipton – Wasn’t It You? (1968)
  19. Palms – I Want Your Blood (2011)
  20. Palace Guards – Better Things to Do (1966)
  21. Paul & Barry Ryan – Gotta Go Out to Work (1966)
  22. Paul Martin – The Last Remains of Our Love (1966)
  23. The Peeps – Ballad of the Last American Rock Band (1998)
  24. The Persons – Young Girl (1968)
  25. P.S. Eliot – Acid Flashbacks (2010)

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