Top singles & EPs of 2019

Let’s kick the listmania off with the list of the best singles and EPs of 2019. This year we’ve also included demo tapes and non-physical releases, but hopefully some of these will be released on vinyl one day. There are so many great tape labels these days but I would like to thank Warttmann Inc, Unwound and Meat Spin from Australia, as well as Discontinuous Innovation and Digital Regress from the US – for making this year extra exciting. Start at the bottom if you like it countdown style.

01 Bananagun – Do Yeah 7” (Anti Fade)
New band from ex-Frowning Cloud Nik with a great beat. Album coming soon.

02 Avalon Lurks – Papi Chulo (Metropolitan Indian)
Teenage brilliance over an exquisite sample. Check the video too.

03 Civic – Those Who No EP (Anti Fade)
Only one release per band is the rule, so it was either this one or “Selling Sucking, Blackmail, Bribes” – both are ace.

04 Warm Bodies – UFO Extremo’s EP (self-released)
Someone pleeeease put this to vinyl. Warm Bodies rule.

05 Parsnip & The Shifters – split-12” (Future Folklore)
Two of the best bands from Australia on one of the best labels in France.

06 Charm – U Don’t Talk (self-released)
Both this one and “No Gasoline” are killer tracks, please make a vinyl edition next year.

07 Constant Mongrel – Experts In Skin 7” (Upset the Rhythm)
Every time I play this someone comes up to ask what it is. It’s fucken Constant Mongrel folks.

08 Altin Gün – Gelin Halayi 7” (Glitterbeat)
If you feel like dancing, Altin Gün have your back (or perhaps legs?).

09 Psychic Bloom – Mysterious Temple EP (Burger)
Psychedelic Sounds of Iran, Vol. 1.

10 Circus Variety Act – Have You Ever Been Targeted EP (Black Wire)
Best release from an Australian punk band this year. Tape only.

11 Chillera – Pro Fun EP (Muscut)
The return of the Ukrainian instrumental goddesses.

12 Filmmaker – Unregulated EP (Opal)
So many releases from the Columbian master this year, expect him to be on the albums list too.

13 Badge Époque Ensemble – Nature, Man & Woman 12” (Telephone Explosion)
“Badge Theme” is the floor filler at the club night of my dreams.

14 Judy and the Jerks – Music for Donuts EP (Thrilling Living)
Judy does it again. Still a household name in US punk.

15 Porpoise Spit – In the Middle of the Night (self-released)
These Melbourne boys and girls turned a massive tune with this digital-only single.

16 Too Much – Patent Leather 7” (Merge)
Escape-ism if Alexandra Cabral had her way. Top points for the Smashing Time reference.

17 Miquela – Money (Brud)
Your favourite CGI influencer with a real ear worm.

18 Synthetics – Crux EP (self-released)
Hi-Tec Emotions and Red Red Krovvy members in a noise-punk meltdown.

19 RVG – Alexandra 7” (Our Golden Friend)
Romy Vager hasn’t had an easy life, but it makes for beautiful art.

20 Winter – infinite Summer EP (Everything Blue)
Samira Winter is the most summery artist out there.

21 Benzin – Demo (Billo/Under Heat)
Tape purchased at one of this year’s best gigs, in a Berlin basement.

22 Cutie – s/t 7” (self-released)
New York punk the way they can only do it up there. Take it to the streets.

23 UBIK – Next Phase 12” (Iron Lung)
Ash from Synthetics takes the mike and don’t even have to drop it.

24 Triptides – Nirvana Now 7” (Hypnotic Bridge)
Two amazing singles this year, this was the trippiest ones. Does that make the other the tidiest?

25 Aya Gloomy – Kanjiru (self-released)
Our new favourite singer from Tokyo, and our style icon.

Places 26-50 with links:

26 Deb Never – House On Wheels EP (WeDidIt)

27 Alice et Moi – Frénésie EP (L’œil Dans la Paume)

28 Surfbort – You Don’t Exist EP (Modern Sky)

29 Rebel Yell & Exhibitionist – With You (Rice Is Nice)

30 Public Service – I’m Gonna Kill That Man EP (Anxious)

31 Tyvek – Changing Patterns of Protective Coating EP (self-released)

32 Sara King – Bodiez (Dreamz Factory)

33 Soda Boys – The Secret Years: Naked and Hopped Up On Speed in Watson’s Attic (Burger)

34 The World – Reddish EP (self-released)

35 Tight Knit – Too Hot 7” (Not Unloved)

36 Girl Germs – Boy’s Club EP (Roolette)

37 G2G – No Kid No Angel (self-released)

38 Claire Laffut & Yseult – Nudes (Gum)

39 L’eclair & The Mauskovic Dance Band – Homo Sapiens 7” (Bongo Joe)

40 Elite Beat – By the Light of the Pyramids 7” (Research)

41 Crisis Man – The Myth of Moderation EP (Digital Regress)

42 Leather Lickers – s/t EP (Cool Death)

43 Moody Beach – Mirage EP (Viscera Arts)

44 Smooch – Promo Cassette (Pissfart)

45 Mildlife – How Long Does It Take? 12” (Heavenly)

46 Disco Junk – Underage Punk EP (Hozac)

47 Tamara & the Dreams – P1nk Sungl4sses (self-released)

48 Gee Tee – Chromo-Zone EP (self-released)

49 The Serfs – Songs of Serfdom (Detriti)

50 Ruby Fields – Permanent Hermit EP (self-released)

Numbers 50-100 in more or less descending order, but I decided not to number these because it’s pretty much impossible. If you want to hear tracks from some of these releases, I suggest you check out our 2019 playlist that got posted a while back. Just scroll to the bottom y’all.

Dolly Dream – The Way to Heaven 7” (Slumberland)
Alien Nosejob – HC45 EP (Anti Fade)
Jacco Gardner – Fading Cosmos 12” (Full Time Hobby)
Gauci – In the Night (self-released)
Mr. Teenage – Neighbourhood (self-released)
Belly Jelly – s/t EP (Goodbye Boozy)
Hopi – Face EP (Bindividual)
Ill Globo – Check the Odds EP (Aarght)
Liquids – Terminaldiarrhea EP (self-released)
Pleather – Riot 7” (Feral Kid)
Corners – The Floor EP (Day End)
Brijean – Walkie Talkie EP (Native Cat)
Vajazzle – Demo (self-released)
Gutter Girls – s/t EP (Spoilsport)
RRC – Full of Goo EP (Warttmann Inc)
Current Affairs – Buckle Up 7” (Dotx3)
Sombras – s/t (Tres incendios temporales)
Eternal Dust – The Spirit of Spilt Blood (self-released)
The Side Eyes – Get Me Out 7” (In the Red)
Hana Vu – Nicole Kidman/Anne Hathaway (Luminelle)
Sunscreen – Falling In an Elevator EP (Spunk)
Meat – An Acquired Taste EP (Pissfart)
Electric Looking Glass – Death of a Season 7” (Hypnotic Bridge)
Straight Arrows – Another Day In the City 7” (self-released)
THICK – s/t EP (Epitaph)
Slush – s/t EP (Hysterical)
Holy Hive – Harping EP (Big Crown)
Sam Evian – Cherry Tree 7” (Saddle Creek)
Uranium Club – Two Things At Once 7” (Sub Pop)
Press Release – Demo (self-released)
Wizaard – Supernatural Mystics EP (self-released)
Secretismo – Draumur EP (Tres incendios temporales)
Xilch – s/t (Meatspin)
Paranoias – Demo (self-released)
Moth – Demo (self-released)
Beauty Queen – Out of Touch EP (Sleep Well)
It Thing – Who Walks Your Dog? (self-released)
Power – The Fool 7” (Feel It)
Eggy – Billy EP (Spoilsport)
Public Interest – Between (Erste Theke Tonträger)
Munya – Blue Pine EP (Luminelle)
Basic Plumbing – As You Disappear 7” (Basic Plumbing)
Exhaust World – Demo (Unwound)
Bodega – Shiny New Model (What’s Your Rupture?)
Crime of Passing – Winter 19’ Demo (self-released)
Flat Worms – Into the Iris EP (Drag City)
The Dorks – II (Phase 2)
No Sister – Influence EP (Opposite Number)
Voiid – Drool EP (self-released)
Body Type – EP2 (Partisan)

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