All of our DJ sets got cancelled a few months ago. But Far I Hatten in Malmö was still open, so we’ve played there twice now and hope to be back later in the summer. Here’s my playlist from last Saturday:

Charlotte & Emily – Love Not Have I (New Voice)
Wow – Occhi di serpente (Maple Death)
Pod Blotz – Pain Is a Door (Dais)
Zebra Stripes – Sometimes (Dionysus)
Lydia Marcelle – The Girl He Needs (Manhattan)
The Pussywillows – Don’t Say He’s Gone (Telstar)
The Cure – In Between Days (Fiction)
A Certain Ratio – The Fox (Factory US)
Bananagun – Out of Reach (Anti Fade)
Bobby Oroza – Your Love Is Too Cold (Big Crown)
Josef K – Sorry For Laughing (Les Disques du Crépuscule)
Stiff Love – Walk In the Dark (Neck Chop)
New Age Group – All Grown Up (Paradise Daily)
Neo Boys – Give Me the Message (N/A)
The Fall – It’s the New Thing! (Step Forward)
Juniper – Supercat (Orange)
Bush Tetras – Boom (Fetish)
The Church – The Unguarded Moment (EMI)
Ups and Downs – The Living Kind (What Goes On)
Jesse Garon & the Desperadoes – I’m Up Here (Narodnik)
Fastbacks – In the Winter (Subway)
Revillos – Motorbike Beat (Dindisc)
The Colour Collection – Ne Décide Pas Pour Moi (Bickerton)
The Angels – You’re the Cause of It (RCA)
Tunnelvision – Watching the Hydroplanes (Factory)
Fleur – Petit Homme de Papier (Bickerton)
The Magnetic Mind – In Silence (Heavy Soul)
McCarthy – Should the Bible Be Banned (September)
The Orange – What’s In a Name (Flying Nun)
Babe Rainbow – Electrocuted (Flightless)

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