The Wolfhounds


“Being cool and having good taste but doing fuck all, that’s what the internet’s all about.”

That’s what Dave Callahan said when I interviewed him and the rest of The Wolfhounds in London about 13 years ago. They had just reformed as band and were playing a gig organised by Bob Stanley (St Etienne) together with Roddy Frame (Aztec Camera) and Phil Wilson (The June Brides). One of the things discussed was reissues of their output 85-90, which happened five years ago when the band released their first new album since 1990 along with a repress of their debut on Optic Nerve. Unseen Ripples From a Pebble, originally from 1987 is one of the lost classics of that decade and sonically a mix between the highly melodic songwriting of The Smiths and the abrasive guitars of Josef K.

Here’s one of my favourite tracks, “Rats On Raft”, released on a split-flexi with Razorcuts for The Legend’s fanzine. A new recording of this was done for their 2014 album Middle Aged Freaks. One more album appeared in 2016 and last year Slumberland released an amazing collection of the group’s Peel sessions, called Hands In the Till.

From the archives, here’s the full unedited interview, which was meant to be broadcast on the radio but that never happened due to poor sound quality.

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