Neck Chop Records

An appreciation post, why dontcha? We recently mentioned Neck Chop Records on here. It’s a label based in Fullerton, CA, just like Burger Records. They released some amazing 45s last year that I would like to point your attentions towards.

The first one is the third and possibly last EP from Paul Messis’ The Suburban Homes. This was meant to be out on another label, but it got delayed and then never happened. It came out in November and sold out very fast from the band. It seems Neck Chop still has a few in stock though? And you can still get the digital version over at the SH bandcamp.

This is an EP that actually came out back in 2017, but somehow it hasn’t sold out yet. Beatniks is an Oakland supergroup that includes members of Andy Human & the Reptoids (whose brilliant 2nd LP came out on Total Punk recently, and we included a track in our first mix of 2019), The World and Life Stinks.

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