Opéra de Nuit


Another French coldwave group of the 80s that I listened a lot to recently is Opéra de Nuit. The four-piece from Valréas still haven’t gotten a reissue on vinyl, but let’s hope it’s in the works. After forming in 1982 they put out their first EP a couple of years later on the small label Contorsion. “Amour Noir” is a great example of their synthesizer-based sound. “Ami! Amant!” appears on both their second EP and their only album and has become their most well-known track. It was compiled by Born Bad on the third volume of their Des jeunes gens mödernes series last year.

The group broke up after completing their self-titled LP, that they released themselves in 1988. They are still active on social media and released a retrospective on cd a few years ago.

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