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Thanks to the St. Louis Punk Archive I’ve finally been able to piece together the story of the B-Lovers, whose lone single has always been somewhat a mystery to me. I knew that Nick Rudd (who has also played with Ric Menck and Paul Chastain of Velvet Crush) had been in the band, and I’d heard the brilliant a-side “Inside Out” (thanks goes to Did Not Chart). But now I’ve finally got the two b-sides and scans of the rather well-designed sleeve and insert (by one Berni Proeschl).

The story goes that B-Lovers is actually the same band as Turning Curious, and they changed their name after this 1982 single. Turning Curious released a mini-LP in 1986 produced by Mitch Easter, Soul Light Season. You’ll find a few tracks from this on youtube, my favourite is “Talk About Gods”. After playing with The Big Maybe, Nick Rudd had several solo outings on Chastain’s label Parasol. Here is the second b-side of the B-Lovers 7″ on Sabine Records.

B-Lovers – Everything Is Falling


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2 small corrections: the lp is called Soul Light Season and is from 85. There’s no line-up given on the album. I didn’t know it was the same personnel as the B-Lovers.

thanks! not sure either, but that’s how jason ankeny puts it on allmusic (nick rudd entry).

As I remember it, they actually changed their name when they met up with Mitch Easter and made Soul Light Season. I was a friend of Berni’s at the University of Illinois. He was a very talented artist and designer.

Nick, Steve, Berni, and Jeff-The same line-up for both names. The band played mostly under the name B-Lovers and mostly at Mabels in Champaign from ’82 onward..

This is so helpful. I found this 45rpm during my early twenties at a flea market in Springfield, Missouri. I liked the cover art a lot and bought it knowing not a single thing about who/want was on the record.
I’ve been a big fan of groups like Let’s Active and the Dbs so this was right up that alley.

Thanks for sharing!

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