Guest mix 1

We’ve got a string guest mixes coming up this year – first one out is from Swedish promoter, DJ and allround well of inspiration Ebba Östberg. She has made a playlist full of breezy jazz. psych and world music that is perfect for those lazy afternoons after having spent all day in the sun. A lot of the time mixes are focused on upbeat numbers with plenty of hooks and beats due to shrinking attention spans. But with this mix, Ebba has picked some more introspective tracks that she wouldn’t normally play.

Locally, Ebba is known as one half of Kiss My Ass Club who have been organising gigs and DJing since 2016, and has recently developed into a promotion and management agency as well. Ebba is also a part of Bomber management together with founder Chili Bendt. If you like this mix, make sure you follow their playlist, which is updated every week with great sounds, new and old.

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