Mystic Eyes

Many of the unsung heroes (well, apart from here) of early 90s garage had releases on Get Hip (like the recently covered Optic Nerve and The Lears) and Screaming Apple (The Kliek, The Beatpack, and The Thanes). Today you’ll get to know another Get Hip group, called Mystic Eyes after the Them track. Mystic Eyes skillfully blended hard-hitting garage beat with slightly psychedelic folk-rock, and boasted originals as spirited as their cover choices (The Dovers, The WordD, The Magic Plants, Sandy Coast, The Human Expression and The Bad Seeds to name a few). The group was lead by singer and songwriter Bernard Kugel, but it feels like the sadly deceased 12-string player and second songwriter Eric Lubsdorf also contributed greatly. Their third single, from 1997, became their last since Eric died the following year. In the ten years prior the group released three singles and two fantastic LPs. According to this old-school website though, they also self-released a few compilations of outtakes. The track below, “My Life Today”, is off of such a tape dating from 1997.

Mystic Eyes – My Life Today

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