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Lately my powerpop binge has turned more to garage revival, seeing as there were quite a lot of records of this type released last year. To keep it from spilling over too much into podcasts and dj sets I’ve made a handy mix for you to download. Many of the tracks are from recent releases, but also a few classics and some tracks from albums I hadn’t previously heard although the band was familiar to me. Several of the bands have been mentioned here previously, but these might be new to you: The Revellions from Ireland; Thee Attacks from Denmark; Las Aspiradoras and The Shake from Spain; The Len Price 3, The Mourning After and The Sires from England; Rodriguez and Beat Beat (the drummer of Rodriguez) from Austria; The Fevers, Goodnight Loving, Sticks n Stones and The Above from USA; The Men from Sweden; The Madd and Mark & the Spies from Holland; and The Gruesomes from Canada. Quite a wide spread of represented countries, in other words.

There are some interesting covers included, which I ought to tell you about. The Fevers (Gavin of The Rantouls old band) tackle “Only You Can Do It” by The Vernon Girls (made famous by Françoise Hardy). The Swingin’ Neckbreakers play “You’re Lying” by The Troggs. The Men play the northern soul classic “Out On the Floor” by Doobie Gray. And finally The Madd (more about them soon), who specialise in obscure covers, do a very faithful rendition of “I Want You, Need You, Love You” by Australian greats The Black Diamonds. The full tracklisting is below, get the mix here.

The Len Price 3 – After You’re Gone
Mark & The Spies – Won’t Work On Me
The Men – Out On the Floor
The Above – Walked Out On Me
The Gruesomes – The Deal
The Stomachmouths – Don’t Put Me Down
The Sires – About Time I Put Her Down
Sticks N Stones – Time Change
Beat Beat – The Way You Think…
Rodriguez – T.V. Boy
The Goodnight Loving – Doesn’t Shake Me
The Fevers – Only You Can Do It
Thee Wylde Oscars – Nobody Can Tell Us
The Swingin’ Neckbreakers – You’re Lying
The Shake – Another Girl
The Maharajas – Sunday Girl
The B-Sides – Walk Away
The Frantic V – I Got a Girl
The Mourning After – Set Me Free
Las Aspiradoras – Ni Rastro De Polvo
The Shimmys – Two Pot Screamer
Thee Attacks – Are You?
The Revellions – Down On Your Luck
The Madd – I Want You, Need You, Love You
Yesterday’s Thoughts – Gone

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