Beach Fossils | What a Pleasure EP

It’s all happening at Captured Tracks HQ this spring. They’ve announced a couple of new signings and the release schedule for the spring. It includes a new Tim Cohen (Fresh & Onlys) album and a 12″ EP from my faves Beach Fossils. It’s already leaked, but if you can’t be bothered googling it, here’s the best track on it!

The What a Pleasure EP has a release date in early March and later in the month CT-100 is set to be released, whether the label have actually put out 100 records by then or not. It’s a studio project called Zodiacs, including members from several CT bands, and it will come in an envelope sleeve like the Mayfair Set 7″ but printed in gold, and any order after March 29 over $10 will get one added for free. Read more and listen on Pitchfork.

And while you’re waiting for the Catwalk LP, have a listen to Nick’s mix, also on Soundcloud.


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Well I loved the way this started before the vocals came in. I love the chiming lead guitar very much. But why are so many bands doing these far away sounding, reverbed to heck vocals?

just a trend i guess, people have done it before (shoegaze?). it does cover up the fact that dustin’s voice isn’t all that interesting though.

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