2018… a playlist

As usual a lot of the best music released during the past year is not on the mainstream music apps. Trust bandcamp to be deliver the highest quality music, directly from the artists, with no middle hands taking a large part of their income. Still, since a lot of people would be lost without Spotify (“I mean, how do you ACTUALLY find music anywhere these days????”), here is a playlist for all you lazy cats who can’t google the the records that are on our lists of the best albums and singles of last year. As a bonus you’ll also get some tracks from about 100 other great releases. 222 tracks in all.

The photo is from Call This Number’s amazing moving image issue for LOVE Magazine. Call This Number is of course an artist collective that includes former JAMC member Douglas Hart.

PS. If you want to hear more I can send you a link to my full 2018 playlist with almost 2000 tracks. But let’s not go there…

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