Warm Soda & The Living Eyes

warm soda

Warm Soda are heading out on a European tour, which sadly does not reach Scandinavia. But, they have a new single out for this tour, courtesy of Italian label Goodbye Boozy. It couples what could be two of their finest songs to date, recorded in slightly softer, acoustic approach. “This Changes Everything” can be heard below, and go here to check out the a-side “Tell Me In a Whisper”.

Also out on Goodbye Boozy now, is a new single from The Living Eyes, whose debut LP I wrote about recently. “Eat It Up” is produced by Owen from Straight Arrows (who released a great single on the same label last year). Below is the b-side “Mass Assumption”, Geelong garage punk at its best.

And, while you’re on Goodbye Boozy’s soundcloud, don’t forget to check out nearly as fresh single “Midnight Stains” from Brooklyn’s great punk band Livids.

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