Winter Bear & La Luz


As much as Burger are having a great year, and everyone is loving The Aquadolls (who admittedly have one amazing track in “Our Love Will Always Remain”), I’m much more impressed with Hozac releasing a new single from Erin of Cave Weddings and her new band Winter Bear. Their first single “Jump In the Fire” is out right now.

Hozac have a good score in signing bands with female songwriters, Mil Mascaras last year and before that The Flips and The Shrapnelles. I only wish they would sign La Luz, who are the best female band I’ve heard since… probably since The Flips in fact. Their only release is a cassette EP called Damp Face. It’s almost a year old now, but I’ll post a track from it anyway since I only just came across it. They’ve definitely listened a lot to The Trashwomen, and while you’re waiting for someting new you can catch them on tour in the US this month.

More news from Hozac is the new albums from Heavy Times, as well as a debut from Shocked Minds (ex-Carbonas and members of Games and Gentleman Jesse) and an upcoming First Base LP. Hopefully there will be time to write more generously about these in due course.


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