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Quick on the heels of the final promised volume of Bitter Bells, here’s the first of two bonus volumes. I’ve probably never had more reason to listen to moody garage songs than right now, so why not just go with it? This is the most eclectic volume so far with transworld representatives from the masters of moody beat: Holland and Greece. Also several cuts from the year of folk-rock that was 1965. The Harbinger Complex is one of my favourite groups, not least because of their tracks on the A Pot of Flowers compilation. Their most famous release is of course the Brent 45 with “I Think I’m Down” on the a-side. This track from the Amber release however, shows the gentler folk-rock side of the group. The Skeptics here is the group of  “Turn It On” fame, but as this track proves they had more in common with jangle greats like The Roosters, and like them, they will have a retrospective compilation out soon. There’s even a cut from an LP here, “Three For Love” is The Shadows of Knight’s take on The Byrds, hidden away on their 2nd album. I’d like to thank Expo67 for the rip of the Sin-Say-Shuns, who actually have a whole LP streaming on Spotify. Like The Tempos (featured on the next volume), they had the rare opportunity for a garage band to record a full-length. Neither of the albums are very original, but still very collectible. The Mojos (on the cover of #3) have created one of the monsters of moody with “What She’s Done to Me”. I doubt anyone could smile listening to this track, which matches the utter gloom of the Brym-Stonz’ “Times Goes By”. Have fun.


01 The Dragons – The Forest of My Place Olympic  74003 , 1967
02 The Harbinger Complex – Sometimes I Wonder Amber 8999, 1966
03 The End Result – Never Ask Again Chattahoochee 717, 1967
04 The Stoics – Enough of What I Need Brams 101, 1967
05 The Fairviews – Nightmares Spin It 121, 1965
06 Jerry Waugh & the Skeptics – I Told Her Goodbye Thrush 1002, 1965
07 The Mojos – What She’s Done to Me Mojos 88/124, 1966
08 The Sounds Unlimited – About You Solar 101, 1965
09 The Shadows of Knight – Three For Love Dunwich S667, 1966
10 The Bows & Arrows – I Don’t Believe It GNP Crescendo 356, 1965
11 The Intruders – Ruins Cinema 6901, 1966
12 The Loose Ends – Free Soul Mala 538, 1966
13 Michael & The Medallions – I Wanna Talk to You Bragg 222, 1965
14 The Cannons – Days Go By Night Owl Night Owl 1312, 1967
15 Sin-Say-Shuns – All My Lonely Waiting Venett 108, 1966
16 Tony & The Bandits – (Oh No!) I Can’t Lose Coral 62461, 1965
17 The Misty Blues – I Feel No Pain Stature 66-5-7, 1966
18 Spider & The Mustangs – You Ask Me Why Sands 10662, 1966
19 The What-Nots – Nobody Else But You Amber 101, 1966
20 The Sages – I’m Not Going to Cry RCA-Victor 47-8760, 1965
21 The Painted Faces – I Want You Qualicon 5002, 1967
22 The Tempos – You’re Gonna Miss Me Justice J-104, 1966
23 The Olympians – Hopeless Endless Way Philips 6125, 1966
24 The Tom Northcott Trio – Just Don’t New Syndrome 1, 1966
25 The Falcons – I’m That Man Philips JF-333527, 1966

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