Before I post the last of the original Bitter Bells mixes I compiled over a year ago now, here’s a another garage mix for you, and one that’s recieved quite a bit of consideration and thought. Garage revival is a tricky ‘genre’ to say the least. You’ll quickly find it’s a veritable jungle of cavemen who’ve gotten lost in the Fuzztones’ questionable aesthetics. Once in a while though, you come upon one of those groups who were just untouchable. Groups that had it all – the looks, the threads, the gear, the sound, but most importantly the songwriting and singing skills that are so often drowned out by poor cover versions and talentless singers. Another sad aspect is the lack of female musicians, which is why groups like The Pandoras and The Brood are so crucial. Many of the best groups were compiled on the excellent Children of Nuggets box set, that came out a few years after Nuggets II. It was a very important entry point for me, at a time when indiepop was my raison d’etre, making me see all the connections bands like The Dentists and The Prisoners (and even Primal Scream) had to 60’s beat and psych. I feel now however that the selections lean too heavily towards ‘paisley underground’ acts. Also, I’ve never liked The Fuzztones. And it wasn’t until last year I realised how magnificent those first two Chesterfield Kings albums are, having been consistently been put off by their post-85 image and sound.

With this compilation I have strived to promote some of the newer (90s) bands that are still forgotten, while also spotlighting some the original revival groups (the oldest track here is from 1983) that were left off. I think I’ve achieved a fairly wide geographical spread here, while it will be apparent which type of sound I am prefer (jangly/moody). We’ve got two bands representing Germany/Swizterland, three from Italy, two from Sweden, six from Scotland and England together, four from the masters of moody: Greece, three from Nederbeatland, and three from France and even one each from Spanish and Australia. The usually over-represented US figure with three semi-legendary outfits. Most importantly, I’ve only picked original songs (as far as I know), even if these bands do some cracking cover versions too.


01 The No-Counts – The Suffering Kind Misty Lane, 1995
02 Head & The Hares – Sun Is Going Away Stanton Park, 1997
03 The Thanes – Come What May Screaming Apple, 2003
04 The Offhooks – Pass the Time State, 2011
05 The Mystreated – It Means Nothing Twist, 1994
06 The Embrooks – Not a Priority Voxx, 2000
07 Crimson Shadows – Even I Tell Lies Sunlight, 1985
08 The Frantic V – Tomorrow Not Tonite On Stage, 2004
09 The Sound Explosion – Send a Message Music Maniac, 1994
10 Yesterday’s Thoughts – Knockin’ On Your Door Action 2002
11 Los Negativos – Un Dia Especial Victoria, 1986
12 The Moviees – Years Ahead of Her Time Sundazed, 2000
13 Mystic Eyes – My Time to Leave Get Hip, 1986
14 The Kartoons – Every Single Time For Monsters, 2006
15 The Cardinals – Blond Girl Action, 1997
16 The Waistcoats – Forever Mine Larsen, 2004
17 Mark & the Spies – But I Do Screaming Apple, 2007
18 The Royal Nonesuch – Why Should I Care? Get Hip, 1990
19 The Kliek – Valleri (Summer In St. Tropez) Vuurland, 1989
20 The Wylde Mammoths – Help That Girl Crypt, 1988
21 Les Playboys – Pars Jungle Media, 1983
22 Paul Messis – When You Pass Me By State, 2011
23 The Frowning Clouds – I’m Sad Saturno, 2010
24 Les Terribles – Yeah Yeah Dionysus, 2005
25 The Bogeymen – She Drives Me Crazy Dig, 1994
26 The Jaybirds – No Time For Crying Music Maniac, 1994
27 The Others – Luv That Gal Misty Lane, 1994


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