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Here then, is the first mix since before the holidays. This one is full of 60s garage, psych and soul – the only new track being from the new Higher State album, which you’ll soon be able to read more about here. A few noteworthy things are: The Roemans was the backing band used by Tommy Roe, The Rose Garden (also known as The Giant Sunflower) appear with an exclusive track penned by Gene Clark. the Bobby Jameson track also appeared on his LP as Chris Lucey (under the presumably censored title “Metro Man”) and thanks goes to Expo67 for that recording. Last but not least The Bitter Sweets appearing here is the Arizona group with two amazing double-siders. This Byrds rewrite is the flip of the Hype 45 featuring the hauting “She Treats Me Bad” on the a-side. Their of-equal-caliber Original Sound 45 featuring “In the Night” b/w “Another Chance” has been comped on Wyld Sydes Vol. 2 and Mindrocker Vol. 13 respectively, dig them up.


The Rose Garden – Till Today
The Contents Are – In Trouble
Lonnie & The Legends – Baby Without You
The Checkmates – All The Time Now
III & a 1/2 – Don’t Cry To Me Babe
The Skunks – Do The Duck
The Barons – Since You’re Gone
The Cavaliers – It’s Guaranteed
The Chiffons – Stop Look And Listen
The Teardrops – You Wont Be There
Jaim – Your Lucky Man
The Ricochettes – I Don’t Want You
The Celtics – Looking For You
The Roemans – Don’t
The Five Americans – I’m Feeling O.K.
The New Order – You’ve Got Me High
The Buckinghams – Don’t Want To Cry
Bobby Jameson – Vietnam
Dick Domane – Bad Dream
The Higher State – These Things Take Time
The Initial Shock – You’ve Been A Long Time Coming
The Groop Ltd. – As Time Goes By
The Bitter Sweets – Cry Your Eyes Out

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