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Quick on the heels of the new podcast I’ve put together a compilation of Dutch beat and garage from the 60s, commonly known as Nederbeat. Now, my first encounter with this phenomenon was probably on Nuggets II, when the Sound Magics track quickly became one of my favourite songs ever. But other than that, I couldn’t really understand people like Lenny Helsing’s obsession with obscure Nederbeat groups. Until now. There really is no other type of music that will suit you better if you’re in garagerock that’s heavy on the moody minor keys or amped-up British Invastion-style beat.

There have been countless compilations of Nederbeat, from the three volumes of Pebbles dedicated solely to Dutch groups, to original Dutch 60s label Op Art’s Beat Express reissue series, and the Nederbeat 63-69 comps now available as a box set. Some of my favourites include Dutch Beat Explosion!, DownBeat and Living In the Past. Here I have compiled a CD’s worth of my favourites from these as well a a few uncompiled songs that I’ve found thanks to the incredible database. There were quite a few groups who made it big (like Cuby & the Blizzards, Shocking Blue, The Golden Earrings etc.) but I’ve tried to skip the all too obvious choices. Also, I’ve included some tracks by newer  groups like The Kik (who I just posted about) and the veterans in The Waistcoats, and a couple of songs by Lenny Helsing’s groups, who’ve always specialised in top drawer Dutch obscurities.

This is the best mix I’ve made in ages, I think, and the full tracklist is below. But if I had to pick a few standouts it would definitely be The Sparklings “Now It’s Your Turn to Cry” which is the most mind-numbing freakbeat cut outside the UK (once covered by The Thanes, naturally), The Goldstar Brothers’ Hollies-tinged “May Be” (the b-side of the single I used for the cover above), and of course Q65’s lost masterpiece “Feel Her Still” that wasn’t recovered until 1997.


The Motions – (For) Another Man
The Sound Magics – When I Meet Her
The Nicols – I Can Forget Her
Double Dutch  – Double Cross
The Sparklings – Now It’s Your Turn to Cry
The Outsiders – That’s Your Problem
Nou & – Like My Dear Cigarette
The Chums – She’ll Mary Me
The Mods – She Was Married
Wo?w – She’ll Be Mine
Sandy Coast – Subject of My Thoughts
The Goldstar Brothers – May Be
The Torero’s – Come
James Mean – Seeing Her
The Haigs – That’s the Way She Is
Johnny Kendall & The Heralds – You Tell Me Why
Midnatt Fyran – When You’re Lonesome
The Waistcoats – Into My Eyes
The Fashions – There Goes My Baby
The Scarlets – Now I Know
The Cavaliers – It’s Done
The Thanes – It’s Gone
The Kik – My Eyes Are Still Dry
The Skope – Be Mine Again
Nicky & The Shouts – It’s Time
Chapter II – East of My Place
The Jay-Jays – To-day I’m Gay
Hamlets – Looking In Your Eyes
The Twilight Kids – It’s Your Fault
Flash Call – Crying All Day
The Green Telescope – Thinkin’ About Today
Q65 – Feel Her Still


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