Sameheads & Mutant Radio

Intonal just finished on Sunday and one of the great features of the festival was the collaboration between our local Retreat Radio and Mutant Radio from Tbilisi. Really enjoyed the set by Juliettehenriu from Lausanne on the Saturday e.g. – hoping they’ll come online soon. In the meantime check out this set of recordings from the recent Mutantheads event.

Mutantheads is the ongoing collaboration between Mutant Radio and the Sameheads club/collective in Berlin. They just unveiled their first co-release as well: a split-45 with Andrea & Alexander from the Sameheads team (Eva Geist and Alexander Arpeggio) and Tina on the other side. It’s the first ever release from Tina, sounding great with beefy percussion and retro synth sounds.

And also the cover art by GUM is amazing.

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